For more than 20 years I've been drawn to the craft of photography...attempting (and not always succeeding) to capture that golden sunset, unusual cloud pattern or interesting beast...

So after more than a few good kicks in the pants from friends, relatives and others who, at least claim to admire my work - here it is. I truly hope you enjoy viewing some of these images as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.


Below is the obligatory Bio...

Dave Bouton was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and began working as an Emergency Medical Technician in the Bronx, NY. Later he earned a degree in Radiologic Technology. Though he already had a keen interest in photography, it was while studying the properties, uses and applications of X-rays in college that he began to gather an in depth understanding of many concepts shared by medical diagnostic x-ray and photographic exposure factors.

Upon graduating college Dave, having married Suzanne during college, worked as a Radiologic Technologist at the Westchester County Medical Center. Shortly after the birth of their first son Ryan, the couple decided Dave would remain close to home while Suzanne continued her Manhattan-based position in the Municipal Bond industry, this allowed Dave to be available and active in their son’s development as well as spending more time honing his photographic skills.
During the next several years Dave, an outdoor enthusiast, spent much time shooting film landscapes in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State with an old Minolta film camera. As Ryan grew it became evident he was a gifted baseball player. Subsequently Dave shifted his focus to Ryan’s skill development, spending much time on the ball field as a coach - while shooting whenever possible.
In 2001 Dave switched to digital photography and provided portrait and portfolio development services to aspiring models in order to upgrade his equipment to top-of-the line Nikon cameras and lenses. Switching to digital media allowed the flexibility and control over his images that he once enjoyed in the darkroom – saving time and the space needed for a traditional darkroom!
In subsequent years Dave was fortunate to travel to Joshua Tree N.P., Banff, Saguaro National Park, Red Rock Canyon and Jackson Hole. It was during a trip to Jackson Hole, and its proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks that he truly realized where his heart lied – shooting wildlife and landscapes.
Now Dave travels three or four times a year to Wyoming, Idaho and Montana to capture its abundance of wild animals and rugged landscapes. His younger son Griffin appears to have inherited the love of things wild and sometimes accompanies dad on these treks when not on the tennis court.
Possessing a strong sense of community, Dave tries to balance economic need for private sales with philanthropy to benefit local not-for-profit organizations. Dave also belongs to several associations, most of which are dedicated to furthering protection of native wildlife and open spaces.
Dave’s work can be seen at