Wildlife images on this site were obtained in the wild. If ever an image is obtained at a zoo or animal farm it will be clearly stated.

TOP OF THE LINE, HIGHEST QUALITY SHIPPING MATERIALS TO ENSURE YOUR PRINTS ARRIVE IN PERFECT CONDITION: All images will arrive "wrapped and tubed" or "wrapped and boxed". This means larger images will be wrapped in a neutral pH paper inside a sturdy shipping tube while smaller images may be shipped flat inside a protective box.

SIGNED PRINTS: Prints will be signed by the Photographer upon request.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS: Are signed and numbered by the photographer. Most editions will be limited to 500 or  less.

IMAGE RESOLUTION: Not all images look good in large sizes. We reserve the right to refuse shipment if we feel an image is lacking in quality. If this occurs we will contact you promptly and offer a refund or the opportunity to down-size the image for better visual results.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SIZES: Sizes are approximations only and are provided for reference. Some images are cropped and will not be a standard size. For this reason we strongly suggest high-quality custom matting for each print.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON MATTING AND FRAMING: Photographic images are sensitive to light, humidity, acids, etc. That's why it's important to to use archival quality products such as matting and backing boards. Additionally, museum quality glass will provide the most protection from UV light. A reputable framer will gladly provide these materials, they cost more but will protect your image investment  for more than a lifetime.

PRINT FINISH: Photographic prints are typically produced with a  matte, glossy or semi-gloss finish. To minimize glare and reflection most prints will be produced in matte (minimum gloss) finish.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Fees charged are all inclusive. That means shipping to the lower 48 states, high-grade printing, lustre coating and taxes are included. There are no added charges above the quoted image fee.